Friday, 10 August 2007

Nov 15, 1973

Today was AWESOME! Mr Milner asked me today if I wanted to play point guard. Jay Callen won’t be back from his broken wrist for a couple of weeks. He’s the best player on the team, but it means I’ll get to practise with the first team and maybe start a few games. And I won’t have to guard Dan Hoffa.

I aced a pop quiz in math today – Robert even missed one. I also got a 97 on my English test.

The best thing was Rhonda and I went a couple more rounds of tongue wrestling today. She says she kinda likes it. I don’t like calling it French kissing, since she will never be my girlfriend. Football cheerleaders don’t date nerdy second-team basketball players, no matter how good they tongue wrestle. I saw Dan hanging around her at lunch today. I don’t have a chance.

The real best thing was that Rhonda’s parents invited me to the Browns game on Sunday to thank me for helping her with her homework. Her sister is in the high school marching band and they are playing at half-time. Cool!

I learned today: Tutoring a cheerleader has its perks.

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