Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Nov 23, 1973

I haven’t been writing in my diary because I’ve had tonsillitis. I missed school on Friday with a temperature of 101º. On Satuday, Mom took me to the hospital because I couldn’t talk and it hurt so much that I couldn’t breathe very well.

On Monday, they took my tonsils out. I haven’t minded the diet of Jello and ice cream, but the anaesthetic made me sick. Mom said I even threw up in my sleep at the hospital. I certainly did after I woke up and again when I got home. I felt really awful, and I still do, but I go back to school on Monday. (It just figures I'd be sick during the holiday.) I’m allowed to eat soft food now, and Sandy’s brought my homework home everyday. She shouldn’t have bothered. I couldn’t even look at it. I bet I have a math quiz when I get back. Just what I need, an F to welcome me back.

I missed our practice game Tuesday, not to mention practice all week, so I’m not going to be popular when I get back. They also won’t let me play my trumpet until next Friday.

Oh yes, today is Thanksgiving. No turkey, no stuffing, just mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry jelly (as much as I wanted – yay!) and no crust on my pumpkin pie. Grandfather arrived yesterday, so we didn’t get to watch the football game on TV. He doesn’t approve of television. We’re taking him to the Metropark tomorrow, but I’m not supposed to do very much. Mom wanted to get a babysitter for me, but I’m too old for that, and I can’t wait to get out of the house.

I learned today: old people are no fun.

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