Sunday, 22 July 2007

Nov. 13, 1973

I am so stupid. On the way home today, I asked Rhonda if we were going steady. She just laughed at me, but she did say she liked me. She said I was “sweet.” I hope she doesn’t tell Sandy about it. I’ll never hear the end of it.

Everyone is still mad at me. Dave won’t talk to me now either. Frannie walked with me to History again. I don’t understand her. Why would she walk with a seventh-grader? She’s really strange, but at least she’s nice to me now.

I did OK on my lesson and aced my math quiz. Yes! At least something went well. Rhonda doesn’t like Of Mice and Men at all. She’s hardly even started it, so we just sat in the family room and read together. The Grapes of Wrath is great. It’s one of the best books we’ve read so far, but I’m already two chapters ahead of the rest of the class, so I read along with Rhonda in Mom’s copy. I’ve caught up with her already. Rhonda is funny when she reads; she whispers and twists her face up when she doesn’t know a word.

Rhonda’s older sister picked her up in her dad’s car. She didn’t really have far to walk, but Mandy takes every opportunity to practise her driving. Dad took us out to dinner at MacDonalds after she left. They just re-modelled it, so we can eat inside now.

I learned today: I play better in my lesson when I practise.

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