Monday, 2 July 2007

Nov. 7, 1973

Tricked! I asked Billy today if he’d ever tongue-wrestled. First, he looked at me strangely and then laughed, “You mean French kissing! Of course I have!” Immediately, I doubted him, but what was worse was that yesterday, it meant that I’d kissed Rhonda, not once, but THREE times…and enjoyed it. Billy said that’s what girls and boys do when they are going steady. Am I going steady with Rhonda? We don’t even hold hands or anything. I’m glad that Billy told me before I asked Sandy if she wanted to tongue-wrestle. Now that would have been embarrassing!

If anyone had asked me on Monday if I would ever kiss a girl, I would have said, “ICK!” Now I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. What I really don’t understand is why the prettiest girl in the seventh grade would want to kiss me and let me touch her boobs. I’m too skinny, not that smart, and I’m not that popular – not like Billy, or Dan Hoffa, the quarterback of the football team. He’ll be on the basketball team, too. I’m sure we’ll play the same position, just like in baseball. I always have to play first base because Dan is the best shortstop on the planet, or at least his father thinks so, and his father is our coach. You would think that Rhonda would be much more interested in him.

I got a C on my math test. That stinks! I thought I did better than that. Sandy and Billy both got A’s, and Billy didn’t even study. Robert got a B! That was his first day at our school, but he took it without any preparation. Hal says they aren’t supposed to be very smart. He must be; we’re in all the same classes, except that he’s not in band. I’m not saying that I’m smart, but I am in the top track of all the classes, even if I don’t get A’s in all of them. Billy can’t even say that, but he does get all A’s, except if he’s being punished.

More studying tonight; I’ve got an English test tomorrow, and Mom says I need to start practising my trumpet after school. She got a call from Mr Janek saying that I’m not prepared for my lessons. Dad helped me practise a little for the basketball tryout on Friday.

I learned today: I’ll never understand girls.

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