Saturday, 7 July 2007

Nov. 9 1973

Normally I like Fridays, but today was a disaster. At lunch recess, I tried to get Billy and Hal to let Robert play with us, but they started picking on him and before long Hal and Robert got into a fight. I wanted to try to break it up, but Hal is much bigger than me, and both of them are my friends. Robert didn’t have a chance and ended up with a bloody lip. All four of us ended up in the Principal’s office. Billy and Hal both got detentions. Robert and I only missed half of math class, and we were lucky that there wasn’t another pop quiz. Mrs Tanner usually has them on Fridays.

Robert wouldn’t talk to me the rest of the day. “Don’t do me any more favors!” was all he said. Billy and Hal were mad at me, too, and even Dave wouldn’t speak to me.

Basketball practice was hard. We did a lot of running. I’ll make the team, but it will be a miracle if I play in anything other than a blowout. Robert wasn’t lying when he said he wasn’t good at sports; he couldn’t even hit the rim, except by accident. I wasn’t surprised that he quit the team at the end of practice. He probably wouldn’t have made it anyway; he’s almost as bad as Andy. Mr Milner didn’t protest either when Robert told him.

Robert’s brother picked him up after practice in a shiny new dark blue Mercedes. Cool!

We ate dinner as soon as Dad drove me home. I was too tired to practise my trumpet, or do anything else. I just went straight to bed.

I learned today: I hate school.

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