Friday, 29 June 2007

Nov. 6, 1973

She called it “Tongue-Wrestling.”

Today was really packed, but I can’t write about all that yet. Rhonda…WOW! When we got to her house and I made my call home, we started working on Rhonda’s essay. Her parents weren’t there, and Mandy, her older sister, was supposed to be watching over us, but she was down in the basement watching television with her boyfriend. When we were about ¾ done, Rhonda asked if we could try a little experiment. She said that Mandy and her boyfriend tongue-wrestled all the time when her parents weren’t around. She said all the high school kids do it, and she wanted to know why. I agreed that it sounded gross, and was hesitant at first, but she said I could touch her boobs if I agreed to try it. Every boy in school wanted to touch her boobs, and she was offering me the opportunity on a plate. I figured I could suffer through a round of tongue-wrestling for that.

What I didn’t expect was to enjoy tongue-wrestling so much, we went three long rounds. I’m not sure who won, but I’m not sure I really care. Touching her boobs was almost an anti-climax. She said I couldn’t tell anyone, especially not Billy. She said I shouldn’t even write it in my diary. What good is the experience if I can’t tell someone about it? Writing it in my diary couldn’t hurt, but I’m dying to tell Billy or Hal. I hope she’ll want to do it again. Maybe Sandy will want to try it, too.

We got a new boy in class today. Miss Grantham made a big deal about it because he’s black. He’s the first black student ever at Norwood Junior High. She said he’s just like the rest of us, so we shouldn’t treat him any differently than anyone else. I’m not sure what she meant by that. He sits right behind me, and seemed nice. He’s really shy. He told me that his older brother was playing with the Cavs this year, and that’s why they moved up here from Columbus.

I learned today: Girls’ boobs are soft, but I don’t understand the attraction. Tongue wrestling is much more interesting.

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