Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Nov. 1, 1973

Billy says Rhonda’s a slut. I don’t know; she seems OK to me. I’m not sure Billy knows what a slut is.

I got an A+ on my History essay. Miss Ealens makes it all worthwhile. Mrs Trainer, though, makes me want to puke. We had a pop quiz in Math class. I was late getting back from lunch, so I missed it. I can’t help it if I couldn’t hear the whistle. I failed the test and had to serve a detention after school. I hate her!

I walked home with Rhonda and Sandy today. Rhonda does live on Edgewood. I asked Sandy if she knew why they went down Pinewood. She got really mad at me and walked the rest of the way home alone…well, with me walking 10 paces behind her.

Dad said he didn’t want me hanging around with Billy any more. I don’t know why. He wants me to come straight home from school from now on, unless I join the basketball team, which means he would pick me up after practice 3 times a week. I told him about helping Rhonda with her English, and he said that was OK as long as she came to our house, or I phoned Mom when I got to hers.

I learned today: They don’t blow the recess whistle loud enough.

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