Saturday, 23 June 2007

Nov. 3, 1973

I got beaten up today.

Dad said I could finally go out. It was sunny, so we played some touch football at Dave’s house. I’d be a pretty good quarterback if I weren’t so skinny. Dad wouldn’t let me try out for the team because he thought I’d get hurt. Hal Goldberg and I snuck over to Billy’s house in the afternoon. The three of us went over to play in the field behind Pinewood. There are a lot of paths over there as well as a clearing where Billy and Hal smoke. One puff was enough to turn me off forever.

Shortly after we got there, some other boys showed up. They were older, a few ninth and tenth graders. They told us to beat it, but Billy stood up to them. He’s much bigger than I am; he’s already 13. In fact, he was bigger than most of the older boys. The biggest, however, was Paul Hurst, Laura Ann’s older brother. He’s almost 6’ tall. When he realized who we were, he took a swing at Billy who ran immediately. Hal took off in the other direction, but I was stuck in the middle. They started pushing me around, and eventually Paul took a swing at me and bloodied my nose.

Dad told me off again when I got home, and I’ve got to finish my sentence. I’m grounded again until Tuesday.

I learned today: Don’t pick on a girl who has an older brother who is bigger than you.

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