Friday, 22 June 2007

Nov. 2, 1973

Billy was back today, and he unhooked Frannie’s bra four times in homeroom. I think he wanted to see how many times he could do it before she tattled. She never did, but finally left it unhooked until she got to History class. I think she was crying. Before Science class Billy bet me that he could do Laura Ann’s by the end of lunch recess. Well, he proved that it did hook in front. He got slapped, but nothing worse. Since I lost, I had to unhook Frannie’s by the end of the day. I succeeded, but she cried and told on me. I got paddled again, and Mr Brown, the Principal, said that I would get a detention next time I did it.

I walked home with Billy as far as Edgewood and went the rest of the way on my own. Sandy wouldn’t walk with me because of Billy. Rhonda was at the football game. I couldn’t go because I am still grounded. Freedom tomorrow.

I learned today: If you are popular with the girls, they won’t snitch on you.

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