Thursday, 28 June 2007

Nov. 5, 1973

More blood on my pillow this morning, and my bruise has turned into black eye. Mom says that if I bleed again tonight, she’s taking me to the doctor tomorrow.

Billy tripped Frannie this morning, and she might have sprained her wrist. I don’t know why he picks on her; she never fights back, and is usually pretty nice to us. It could be because of her brother, Andy. He’s in our grade, and he’s a total lurp. Billy calls him “Four-eyes” Frame. Frame is their last name. He’s really stupid and in all the bottom classes. He was on my basketball team in Gym last year; he couldn’t even dribble the ball. My team was the worst in the school because Andy couldn’t guard anyone, not even a girl, and passing to him was like passing to the other team. We lost every game we played. He was on my Little League team, too. He just stood out in right field and picked his nose while the rest of us tried to play. He struck out every time up. Useless!

Sandy and Rhonda had a cat-fight with Laura Ann at recess today. I missed it because I was having my trumpet lesson, which was really awful. I didn’t practise for it at all. Hal said the fight was quite a spectacle – two seventh-graders beating up an eighth-grader. I was amazed that no one got punished. I guess that being the best student in the class or the captain of the cheerleaders pulls some weight. They walked home with me, but wouldn’t talk about the fight. Sandy had a rip in her dress, and wasn’t too happy about it. Tomorrow is my first time tutoring Rhonda after school. It’s at her house. I’ve never been there before.

I have a math test tomorrow, so I had to study a lot tonight. No television – not even Monday Night Football.

I learned today: Watching television is more fun than studying for a test.

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