Sunday, 17 June 2007

Oct 30, 1973

Dear Diary,

Sandy wouldn’t talk to me today. We had a test project in Science class, and she accidentally knocked over the solution we were analyzing. It burst into a large ball of flame before I blew it out. She ran out of the room in tears, and Mr Tanner had to run after her. She’s such a girl. We got a D on the test, since all we could say about the solution was that it was flammable.

Rhonda sat with me at lunch. She asked me if I could help her with her English homework once football season ends next week. She’s the captain of the seventh grade cheerleaders, so she won’t be free after school until then. That’s good. It saves me the embarrassment of telling her I’m grounded. She’s not very smart, but her class gets to read all the good books, like Huckleberry Finn and Treasure Island. We’re stuck reading For Whom the Bell Tolls. Boring! I’m still a bit confused. Sandy’s her best friend, and she’s better at English than I am. Why isn’t she helping Rhonda?

I didn’t see Billy after homeroom this morning. I wonder if he went home sick.

Great news! Dad said I could go out for Halloween tomorrow if I helped him wash the car today. Dad’s the best!

I learned today: Girls are weird.

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