Friday, 15 June 2007

Oct 29, 1973

Dear Diary,

The masks came today. Billy arranged for a bunch of us to go out on Halloween as zombies, complete with life-like (or death-like) rubber masks. A few of us wore them at Gym class as a prank. Mr Milner wasn’t pleased and made us wear them the whole time. Flag football isn’t easy with a mask on. They got all sweaty and dirty, and we couldn’t turn our heads quickly or we couldn’t see.

I gave Mom a horrible fright. I washed off my mask when I got home, and it was bath-time by the time it dried. I couldn’t resist looking at it in the mirror. It looked so cool. Anyway, she yelled at me for not being in the bath, so I jumped in without taking my mask off. I was laying in water with soap up to my neck when she came in to check on me. She screamed and ran downstairs. Dad grounded me for a whole week, so I’m going to miss Halloween. I'm bummed.

I learned today: Never wear a rubber mask in the bathtub.

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