Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Oct. 31,1973

Mr Milner told me I should try out for the basketball team. I don’t know why. I can shoot OK and am alright handling the ball, but I’m nothing special. I’m not even tall like my Dad. I won’t make the first team, maybe not even the second. Dave Longley told me it was because I had decent grades, and several of the starters have been given interim reports. So I’ll play if everyone fails; what a refreshing thought.

Billy got suspended for smoking yesterday; that’s why I didn’t see him. He’ll miss tomorrow, too. Sandy is talking to me again. She and Rhonda both ate lunch with me. Dave teased me a little, but that’s OK. They both are really nice to me. Cooties, bah! Billy always has girls around. Why shouldn’t I? That is, unless we’re doing boy things. Rhonda is really athletic; she says she’s going to try out for the track team in the spring. I might, too. I was the best high jumper in Elementary School.

Billy was waiting for us after we got off school, so we could all get into our costumes. His big brother and his girlfriend took us out for Halloween. Actually, they took us down our street and then disappeared. We went to the next street over and soaped some windows. Mr Hastings caught Dave, Hal, and Ed soaping his patio door, but Billy and I got away. I don’t think Mr Hastings saw us. At least, I hope not, and the other guys better not snitch on us. I now have enough candy to last until Thanksgiving, or so Dad says.

I learned today: Don’t soap people’s windows if they are home.

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