Thursday, 14 June 2007

Oct 26, 1973

Dear Diary,

Miss Ealens told us in history class that we should start keeping a diary, so this I my attempt. I’m supposed to write whatever happens each day, and at the end tell something I learned that day. Miss Ealens is a GODDESS! I’ll do anything for her!

First of all, there’s me. I’m Tommy Calder, and I’m 12. I like school, but I’m not all that smart. I get B’s in everything except Science class. I like running experiments. Sandy Hughes is my lab partner. She’s really smart and cute. She lives across the street. I think we’re going to get married when we grow up.

Billy Walters is my best friend. He’s so cool, and he’s the best at everything: gym, math, and he helps me with my English homework. He even let me try one of his cigarettes last week. (I don’t know what he likes about them.) We have a split homeroom, and Billy sits behind Flat Frannie, one of the Eighth graders. He can unhook her training bra in one second flat. She puts up with it, since I think she has a crush on him. (All the girls do, even the Eighth-graders.) He tried to teach me how, but when I tried to unhook Laura Ann’s, she slapped me. She’s got the real thing, but I think it hooks in the front. Anyway, I got paddled. That hurt, but Billy thought it was cool, so I feel a little better. After school, he convinced Rhonda Lee to let me practise on her. She’s really pretty, and has a real one, too. I don’t know what Billy promised her, but she let me try as many times as I needed. She even let me hook it back together once. How cool can you get? Billy told me he was walking her home, but I’d swear she lived on Edgewood. They went down Pinewood instead. It’s a new street that only has a couple of houses that nobody lives in yet. Maybe they wanted to talk or something.

I learned today: How to unhook a girl’s bra through her blouse.

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